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The Pocatello Valley Fire Department is committed to serving the residents of the Pocatello Valley Fire District with protection from fire dangers that pose a threat to persons and/or property. This commitment is understood by members of the department who volunteer their time and resources as often as possible to secure and protect the wellbeing of the local Pocatello Valley District community as well as assist other nearby fire departments when they find themselves shorthanded or simply happy to have the help.
The Pocatello Valley Fire Department is responsible for protecting and preserving the lives and property of the citizens from fire and to assist them in emergency situations.

The Fire Department is led by Fire Chief Karen Aguilar.
REMEMBER: We cannot help you if we cannot find you!
Make sure your address is visible from the street at all times.

Make sure the fire hydrant closest to your property is clear of all obstructions at all times.

1. * How do I become a volunteer fire fighter with this department?

2. * Why do I need a burn permit?

3. * Can I borrow the station premises for other events?

4. * Who do I call in case of a fire emergency?

5. * Do I get paid for fighting fires as a volunteer fire fighter?

6. * Do I have to respond to all fires?

7. * How much time do I have to commit to volunteering?
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